Our Job?

We help companies exploit 

Italian market opportunities

Why Italian Market?

1. Italy is the 3rd largest economy in the Eurozone and 8th largest in the world, GDP of about 2 trillion dollars.

2. Its domestic market offers several business opportunities and population of more than 60 million. GDP per capita of more than 30,000 dollars.

3. The net wealth of Italian households is 8 times their disposable income

 indebtedness remains relatively low.

4. Italy is a key gateway to the European Single Market and its 500 million consumers, but is also close to Northern Africa and the Middle East and their further 270 million potential customers.

5. Ranked 6th-7th top manufacturer in the world, Italy has a large manufacturing trade surplus, ranking among the global leaders for 935 products out of 5,117 marketed goods.

6. Research and innovation are widely integrated into industrial processes, with renowned excellences in different fields.

7. The quality of Italian higher education is excellent: more than 20 different universities rank in the top 500 academic institutions.

The world Italian hourly labour costs are below the Eurozone average: they are 18% lower than in France and 10% than in Germany.

8. Robust tax credit schemes help companies improve their competitiveness: a 50% tax credit for private investments in R&D (including highly qualified personnel), a 40% deduction for investment in capital goods, which is raised to 150% for investments in digitalisation and Industry 4.0 solutions.

9.  Multinational companies represent an important part of the Italian economy: industrial foreign affiliates now employ 11% of total workers, produce more than 20% of domestic turnover, and export 26% of national exported goods

Opportunities don't happen, opportunities are created

                                                              "Chris Grosser"

How we support companies

-  We Provide subsidiary locations for logistic and operations

- Talents recruitment from best universities 

- Managerial and executive support 

- Partners and suppliers scouting

- Search for strategic alliances & agreements

- Legal and Tax compliance

- Administrative and accounting support

- Italian Laws and regulations

- Capital from banking, Business angels, Corporate

Venture capitals and more

- Startup or company Mergers / Acquisitions

- Build a company International structure

- Reducing Time Spent searching online for the Unlisted market opportunities.

- Networking with right speakers  

We may help you overcome:

- Language Barriers

- Cultural differences 

- Liquidity Risks

- Political risks

- Time Loss

- Intellectual property Theft

Legal Litigations

 Much More....

Do you need one or more of our services?

Alone we do so little; together we can do so much

                                                                         "Helen Keller"